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This tech startup makes truckers money from idle trailers


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All over the country, there are trailers that need relocating. Many of them are available for loadouts. That means the company that owns the trailer will pay to have it moved, plus you can use the trailer to cover another load. Through its commercial vehicle sharing platform, vHub is helping truckers easily find these loadouts, saving time and earning money.

Since the beginning of modern transportation, freight has moved in certain directions. The practical effect was that a fleet’s trailing assets landed in areas without an efficient way to bring them back in network. This causes carriers to have trailer network imbalances. The problem may not be new, but the solution certainly is.

vHub has developed its technology platform to provide a unique online logistics marketplace, allowing owners with empty trailers to connect with other users to reposition that equipment. Developed through years of industry experience and expertise, vHub provides the trucking community with a powerful tool to coordinate assets in order to maximize earnings and drive asset utilization.

“It goes by many names,” said Matthew Leffler, Vice President of vHub, “Fleet Balancing, Fleet Rebalancing, System Balancing, Network Balancing, Repositioning, Loadouts, Towaways, and Oneway Trailers. But the problem is the same: inconveniently located trailers must be moved. This is what our technology solves.”

The solution works by connecting trailer owners who need their equipment moved to carriers who will move the trailer for a fee. Platform users can quickly offer up or rent available trailers, determine the rate, note previous damages, specify pick up and drop off instructions, and provide contact information for everyone involved, all within its secure and streamlined platform. It is a process that can be completed in 5 minutes.

Another major advantage of the platform is its digital nature. “We take the paperwork out,” said Laurence Belmont, Director of Marketing. “We listen to our customers. We provide the digital contract, then automate and digitize the inspections, invoicing, and payments to provide a frictionless customer experience.”

Like other asset sharing platforms, vHub empowers users to rate their collaborative partners, providing transparency and visibility with high levels of communication. Critical components to better ensure a quality driver experience, explained Belmont.

Check out the video below for more on vHub’s vision of creating a collaborative smart trailer sharing community within the U.S. trucking industry. To learn more, visit www.vhubapp.com or  click here to download the app for Apple users or click here to download the app on the Google Play Store

VHub launched in 2019 in Canada and expanded its asset-sharing platform to customers in the U.S. in 2020. 

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