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This trucking inspired children’s book series is a must-have for parents in the industry


As many drivers know, it can be tough to come up with a way to explain your job so children will understand. The book series 10-4 Good Buggy does the hard work for you by perfectly combining trucking-themed plotlines with valuable life lessons that are targeted towards preschool-aged children.

The 10-4 Good Buggy book series takes readers along on the adventures of truck driver, Tripp Wheeler, and his road companion, Detour, as they deliver goods to cities and towns all across America. This series teaches children about the world around them through a unique perspective of a young trucker. The books teach children about the geography and history of the United States through Tripp’s love of the road, all while learning valuable lessons and overcoming challenges along the way.

Tripp’s adventures are depicted through the picture books to engage children’s interest in trucks while providing educational terms and facts throughout the stories. Each book features a glossary of accurate trucking terms, a colorful map showing their route and a riddle to introduce the next book.

The 10-4 Good Buggy series features two books: The Red, White and Blue Party and their most recent release, A Big Assist.

In A Big Assist, Tripp and Detour are on a journey to deliver hot dogs to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. An unplanned shortcut and a mix-up at the warehouse jeopardize their ability to get their delivery to the destination on time.

The series is co-authored by Linda Hagopian and Debbie Ruane Sparks, who are both passionate about creating stories that bring together family, children, and the trucking industry.

The books are available to purchase on Amazon and 10-4 Good Buggy’s website.


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