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Thoughtful family surprises drivers at truck stop with gift bags


Some truckers received a sweet surprise over the weekend when a thoughtful family spent their morning passing out gift bags to drivers parked at the Workman’s Travel Center in Lowell, Arkansas.

On February 27, the Ford family of Bentonville, Arkansas distributed gift bags to drivers that contained hand sanitizer, face masks, wipes, gloves, chocolate and heartwarming thank you cards.

Patsy Ford has a special place in her heart for truck drivers and has been documenting her support on Tik Tok during the pandemic. For the Ford family, passing out gift bags was a way to show truck drivers that they are loved and appreciated.

“My husband is a truck driver,” said Ford to 40 29 News. “Watching tail lights pull away doesn’t get easier. You deal with it, you learn to cope and I worry about him a lot.”

Along with her daughter, Ciara, and husband, Robert, Patsy passed out a trunk full of gift bags to 18-wheelers parked at the rest stop.

“25 years of trucking, that was the first time anybody has ever walked up to me and handed me a gift bag like that, so I was shocked,” said David Carrick, a truck driver from Ohio. “The pandemic has really stressed us out quite a bit. I mean, you know, restaurants closed, we have trouble finding somewhere to get something to eat. I’m glad there are people out there who appreciate us like that and bring us things we need.”

“Truckers I love you. The importance of you will be spread. Thank you for all you do!” said Patsy in one Tik Tok.

Patsy and Ciara will continue their heartwarming gesture across the country when they join Robert in his truck during spring break.


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