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Truck driver calls for help during shooting between cab-driver, passenger


A truck driver stopped to call for help during a shooting on a St Louis Interstate on Thursday morning. 

The incident occurred on the morning of September 8th in St. Louis, Missouri on southbound Interstate 55. 

According to Fox 2 News, a truck driver, known only as Nathaniel, was driving along I-55 when he noticed a cab stopped in the middle of the highway. As Nathaniel slowed to avoid the stopped car, a pickup slammed into the back of it, so Nathaniel stopped his rig and went over to check on everyone involved. When he arrived, Nathaniel saw that the pickup driver was bleeding and was notified by the cab driver that he and his passenger had been shot. 

“Basically there was a cab stopped on the highway this morning. And when we got on the highway, a truck ended up flying next to me on the driver’s side and ended up rear ending the cab that was sitting on the highway,” Nathaniel explained. 

“So I checked on the driver of the pickup truck he was bleeding real bad, so I told him I was on the phone with 911. I went to the van, which was a cab, checked on that driver, and he told me he was shot. And of course i got back on the phone and told them that we have a cab driver that was shot.”

Nathaniel then stayed with the victims until help could arrive. 

“He [the cab driver] was in pain he was like ‘please help,’” Nathaniel continued. 

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that the cab driver and his passenger got into an altercation while driving, which is what led to the car stopping on the highway. The cab driver then pulled out a gun and a struggle ensued between the cab driver and passenger, causing the gun to go off and injuring both parties. 

The passenger in the cab died as a result of their injuries. The condition of the cab driver and pickup driver are not known. Nathaniel was not hurt in the incident. 

The reason for the altercation is still unclear.


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