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Truck driver left covered in human waste after near-collision with motorist


A dump truck driver found himself in an unfortunate situation on Wednesday morning after a near-collision forced him to slam on his brakes, dislodging his load of treated human waste. 

The incident happened on February 10th in Hollywood, Florida. 

According to News 7 Miami, the dump truck driver was heading west on Sheridan Street when an eastbound pickup truck lost control and skidded in front of the dump truck before crashing into a nearby home. 

“He must have been coming at super high velocity and he lost control over there, hit the median and was practically airborne and ended up in there,” said Manny Fernandez who was driving the dump truck. “I had to abruptly stop. Luckily he didn’t hit me.”

While Fernandez was able to avoid a collision, the sudden braking caused the treated human waste fertilizer to slosh out of the trailer and break through the back window of the cab, covering Fernandez in the substance. 

Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident, but crews were left to clean up quite a mess and the entire area, including the truck, had to be hosed down. 

It is not clear if any citations have been issued in the incident.


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