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Truck thief who smashed through mobile home facing murder charges


A man who allegedly stole a tractor trailer and eventually crashed it into a mobile home, killing one and injuring another, is now facing murder charges for his crimes. 

The crime happened last week on October 25th in Harris County, Texas and is still under investigation. However, Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Vehicular Crimes Division reported that the truck theif, 39-year-old Eric Black, is facing murder charges as of Wednesday, November 3rd. 

According to NY Daily News, the incident began with the report of a vehicle theft and escalated from there. 

“Black started driving the tractor-trailer away from the Officers as they attempted to conduct a traffic stop with their emergency equipment,” Gilliland said in the statement. When he got to the T-intersection with the street bordering the mobile home development, he “disregarded the stop sign and left the roadway,” police said.

Black then bailed out of the truck as it was still rolling and landed in a drainage ditch as the rig smashed through the trailer home. Black was promptly apprehended by police, but the rig had already done its damage and crashed into the home, pinning 54-year-old Jeff Conyers and his girlfriend, 50-year-old Aylene “Nicole” Heaney, underneath the rig. 

“Next thing you know, he woke up and he was under the truck, and the truck’s still running,” his brother, Chris Conyers, said. 

“Conyers was extricated from underneath the Kenworth and taken to HCA Houston Northwest with serious injuries,” Gilliland said in the police statement. “Heaney was found with no signs of life at the collision scene.”

Conyers suffered three broken ribs, a broken arm, a crushed shoulder, five broken fingers, destroyed muscle tissue and burns to his face. 

“[Jeff has] lost everything – the love of his life, his home, his vehicle and basically everything he owned,” Chris Conyers said. “He has a lengthy recovery ahead of him and will not be able to work anytime soon.”

Jesus Torres and his wife were sleeping on the opposite side of the house and were unhurt in the incident. 

“When I opened the door, I see big wheels in the kitchen,” Torres said. “I feel very lucky.”

At the time of the crash, Black was already out on parole for evading arrest in a motor vehicle. Black is now facing charges of felony murder and reckless aggravated assault.


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