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Trucker arrested for “rolling domestic battery” after wife’s thrown salad leads to physical altercation


A truck driver was arrested for “rolling domestic battery” after an altercation with his wife in Indiana late last week. 

The altercation happened on Friday, September 24th in Delaware County, Indiana. 

According to Star Press, the altercation occurred when the trucker, 49-year-old David L. Call, and his wife began arguing at an Applebee’s, prompting her to throw her salad at him and leave the restaurant. When Call followed his wife out of the restaurant, he found that his things had been thrown out of the semi cab and that his wife was attempting to rip down his CB radio. In response, Call shoved his wife and her head struck the cab door and began bleeding. 

Call’s wife then explained that Call attacked her soon after the initial incident, punching her in the ribs and pulling her hair before repeatedly slamming her head against the truck door. The woman then called 911, but the two ended up inside the semi truck traveling southbound Interstate 69 near the Ind. 32/67 interchange. 

A trooper was eventually able to locate the semi and attempted to pull the truck over, but Call did not stop for another four miles. Once stopped, the woman explained to the trooper that Call had ignored her demands to stop the truck and let her out, and had said he would not stop until they had reached Kentucky, his home state. The trooper noted that the wife’s hair was “caked and matted with blood,” and that Call had a cut on his face. The wife claimed that the cut was from her wedding ring striking Call as she slapped him. 

Call then told police that he had an “active protective order” directing him to stay away from his wife that had been issued two days earlier, as well as a strangulation charge from an arrest a few days before. 

Call was taken into custody and booked into the Delaware County jail on preliminary charges of domestic battery, criminal confinement and invasion of privacy. He has since been released on $12,500 bond. 


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