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Trucker pinned beneath own truck loses limb despite heroic rescue by UPS drivers


A truck driver lost a limb in a recent accident with his own truck, but was able to keep his life thanks to the actions of passing UPS drivers. 

The incident happened along a rural stretch of highway in Tonopah, Nevada earlier this month. 

According to 8 News Now Las Vegas, UPS drivers Julie Jefferson and Spencer McVay were driving along a largely empty highway when they saw a trucker pinned beneath his jackknifed rig. The two immediately pulled over and quickly realized that the man was bleeding profusely from a severed limb, so they jumped into action. 

Jefferson and McVay then used the man’s belt to create a tourniquet before working to get the vehicle off of him. 

“It was horrific,” said McVay, “I was doing everything I could not to cry.”

The two then stayed with the driver, keeping him warm and calm until paramedics could arrive. 

“He was panicking when I got there,” said Jefferson, “I got right in his face, held his hand and kept talking to him.”

Luckily, the injured driver is now recovering in stable condition, but paramedics say he likely would have died without the help of the two passing UPS drivers. 

“If the UPS drivers had not been on scene and did those things, he wouldn’t have made it,” said Naomi Wilde, an EMT for over 20 years who responded to the scene. 

“They went above and beyond – there’s no doubt they saved his life.”


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