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Trucker with two suspended licenses refuses sobriety test after leading police on 20 mile chase because he “wasn’t going to pass”


A trucker was arrested over the weekend after leading officers on a 20 mile chase and refusing a field sobriety test.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, April 18th,just after 10 p.m. in St George, Utah. 

According to St George News, police initially received a report of a blue semi truck heading north on Interstate 15 with a blown rear tire and swerving “all over the place.” The witness reportedly followed the driver for several miles but he showed “no sign of stopping.” 

Officers then spotted the rig near mile marker 27 just north of Leeds, this time with two blown tires and swerving across lanes. The officer activated his lights and pulled behind the truck but the driver did not stop, so the officer took more drastic measures. To ensure the trucker knew he was there, the officer pulled up along the driver’s side of the rig and motioned for the driver to pull over but they still didn’t stop. 

“I called out that I was in pursuit and continued to attempt to get him to pull over,” the deputy recounted in the report.

The pursuit continued for two more miles before the deputy was able to get the trucker to pull over. When the driver did exit his truck, instead of complying with officer’s commands, he started towards the deputy in an unsteady manner, swaying and having trouble standing upright. 

The deputy noted that the driver smelled distinctly of alcohol , appeared confused with bloodshot eyes, and refused to comply with the deputy’s commands. Upon investigation of the truck, officers discovered an open container of alcohol with “a drinkable amount” of alcohol still inside. The trucker then refused a field sobriety test “because he wasn’t going to pass,” and both denied and admitted to having drank alcohol earlier in the evening. 

After officers determined that 38-year-old Grzegorz Paul Wroblewski was “not capable of safely operating a motor vehicle,” he was taken into custody, where it was discovered he had both his standard and commercial drivers licenses suspended. 

Wroblewski is  currently facing third-degree felony evading, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on a suspended CDL and reckless driving, and also has a prior, pending DUI case in the state of illinois. He is currently being held without bail.


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