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Truckers answer Texas sheriff’s CB call for help to end high speed police pursuit


A law enforcement agency out of Hall County, Texas, issued a heartfelt thank you to several truck drivers who answered a call for help in stopping a suspect who was fleeing from police.

The police pursuit occurred on July 1 through through Hall County into Donley County, Texas and involved several law enforcement agencies, according to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office says that a group of truckers stepped up to help put an end to the high speed pursuit after they were contacted on the CB.

From the Hall County Sheriff’s Office:

I have a CB radio in my Sheriff’s vehicle, and I would just like to say THANK YOU to 18-wheeler Truck Drivers.

Having a CB radio, I was able to communicate with the truck drivers and all of them helped in assisting us slow the fleeing vehicle down. These drivers do not have to do this, and I am sure it may be against company policy for some, but they helped anyway.

Speeds in this purist were as high as 118 mph, but the biggest part of it was much lower thanks to the truck drivers slowing the car down. Law Enforcement was able to disable the fleeing vehicle since the trucks were able to slow the vehicle down where a PIT maneuver could be performed at a low and safe speed.

The occupants of the car were arrested, two Law Enforcement vehicles were damaged due to the PIT.

No other damage and no one was hurt or injured.

Just wanted to say THANKS to the Truck Drivers on US 287 this morning


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