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Trucking company appalled at $9,000+ bill for post-flood tow


A Detroit trucking company is in shock after receiving a $9,100 bill for a semi truck tow after the driver was stranded in fast-rising flood waters. 

The flooding happened along Interstate 94 in Detroit, Michigan early on Saturday morning, June 26th. 

According to Click on Detroit News, a GM Freight truck driver was stuck in traffic on Interstate 94 and Livernois Avenue when the flood waters began to rise, leaving him with no choice but to abandon the waterlogged rig. 

 “He got stuck in traffic, there was nothing he could do. Water started rising and by the time he called me, there was a foot of water in his cab,” Brittany Williams, GM Freight operations manager.

Luckily, the driver made it out of the rig safely, but the trucking company’s wallet did not – Goch and Son’s Towing took care of the flooded rig 36 hours later, and now says that GM Freight owes them $9,100 for the seven mile, post-flood tow. 

“Over $9,000 to get a truck out that was only towed seven miles is just ridiculous,” said GM Freight owner Adam McCloe. “I think it’s highway robbery, literally.”

GM Freight says that the floodwaters had receded by the time Goch & Son’s Towing picked up the truck, but the tow bill includes not only a $6,300 tow fee, but a $2,050 swimmers fee, along with a few other additional costs. 

“The fact that they can price gouge, I don’t feel like that’s fair. I don’t feel like anything’s being done about that if we have to pay it up front,” Williams said. “It’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen a tow bill this high before.”

“I could tow a truck to Grand Rapids for $800 On Tuesday,” McCloe added. “We’re a fairly small business, so sometimes I feel like when people see a commercial vehicle, you think dollar signs and deep pockets, but that’s not the case.”

Tow bill included, GM Freight’s claim is expected to be more than $100,000. Goch and Son’s towing did not respond to requests for comment.


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