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Trucking father and son lend a hand to trooper scrambling to quench small wildfire


A truck driver and his son were able to help stop the spread of a wildfire in Arizona earlier this week. 

Daniel Carrillo and his son, Daniel Jr. were traveling along Interstate 17 in their semi truck doing work for their nonprofit when they noticed a DPS Trooper  frantically working on something on the side of the road. DPs trooper Brian Leverette was in the middle of extinguishing a small wildfire in the brush alongside the road when his fire extinguisher ran dry, leaving him with few options. 

“It was just our first reaction. Do something,” said Carrillo to 12 News.

As soon as the Carrillos realized what was happening, the pair offered up their own fire extinguisher, which the trooper happily accepted, and he ran back over to the flames to try to put then out the best he could as he waited for firefighters to arrive. 

“It was big because the fire was spreading pretty rapidly. It was able to suppress it and get it small enough to where it didn’t spread any further,” said Leverette.

Thanks to the Carrillos, a larger, much more destructive fire was prevented. 

“It’s the least we could do,” said Carrillo.

“We’re glad this one didn’t get as big as it could’ve gotten,” Leverette continued. “We always appreciate good Samaritans and bystanders that help us out.”


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