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Twenty-five year veteran trucker wins $15.8 million lotto jackpot


A veteran truck driver is planning on retiring after winning big in the Indiana lottery.

Craig J., Plainfield claimed his prize in downtown Indianapolis on August 20 after matching all six numbers in the Hoosier Lotto drawing.

Plainfield acquired the winning ticket at a Lassus Bros. Oil store in Fort Wayne as he stopped along his truck route to redeem a free free Hoosier Lotto ticket from a previous play.

After buying the ticket, Plainfield didn’t look at it for two days. “I cut grass on Sunday, worked Monday, and didn’t think to look at it until Tuesday. The whole time it was in my wallet,” he said.

Plainfield scanned the winning ticket at a gas station on Tuesday, then went home and checked the numbers again. He then stopped at a convenience store to once again confirm the numbers before calling the Hoosier Lottery to let them know he’d won the $15.8 million jackpot.

“I have carried that ticket with me ever since and did not let it out of my sight. I’m overwhelmed and the emotion has built up in my chest,” Plainfield said.

Plainfield opted for the one-time cash payout of $9.8 million.

Plainfield says that he’ll likely turn in his keys after driving trucks for 25 years. “Retirement is in the plans. I am not a big spender. I may get myself a treat. I love cutting grass and will continue to do that. After driving a semi for many years, I think I’d rather drive a school bus,” he said.


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