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Two safety complaints in two weeks earn trucking company two court summonses & more


A Texas trucking company has been issued two summonses and two “out of service” violations for multiple safety complaints in the span of two weeks, the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office says. 

The summonses were issued by the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia on July 6th. The company was also responsible for a previous incident on June 25th. 

According to the Loudon Times-Mirror, the first incident happened in Hillsboro, Virginia, when an All Gas LLC truck got stuck in a roundabout and damaged a guardrail while hauling a large piece of equipment eastbound on Route 9. Following that incident, All Gas LLC was issued citations for not having a Virginia Department of Transportation Highway Hauling Permit, being 59,300 pounds overweight, and having improper brakes.

Less than two weeks later, police received reports of a truck “creating sparks and now the back is on fire.” When police responded, it was discovered that the All Gas LLC truck was 52,800 pounds overweight and was in violation of its hauling permit. Officers then conducted a further inspection and discovered that the semi truck’s front escort vehicle did not have a height pole, and the truck did not have a “proper” rear escort vehicle. 

Following these violation discoveries, it was revealed that the truck’s hauling permit was not even issued to All Gas LLC, but had been issued to a different trucking company based in Florida – KCE Transport Solutions. The truck was also issued two other “out of service” safety violations in addition to the two Loudon County Sheriff’s Office summonses. 


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