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TXDOT reminds motorists to respect semi trucks while out on the road


The Texas Department of Transportation is reminding motorists to give big rigs “plenty of room” while out on Texas roadways as part of a new “Be safe. Driver Smart.” campaign. 

According to TXDOT, the campaign is part of “a year-long public education and awareness effort aimed at saving lives and reducing crashes.”

“Our goal is to make drivers aware of their own unsafe driving habits,” the website states. 

The campaign consists of three main focuses: 

  • General road safety
  • Energy sector safety, where semi truck traffic is heaviest
  • Safety along the I-35 corridor,  50% of the Texas population lives along this interstate. 

TXDOT lists the following as their top truck safety tips:

  • Pass trucks safely by waiting until you can see both truck headlights in your rearview mirror before moving back into your lane. Pass a truck only when it’s legal and safe.
  • Stay away from a truck’s “No Zones,” blind spot areas in which crashes are more likely to occur. No Zones include the blind spots along each side, the space up to 20 feet in front of the cab, and the area up to 200 feet behind the trailer.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. Be sure you can see the driver in the truck’s side mirror.
  • Never cross behind a truck that is backing up.
  • Don’t squeeze between a truck and the curb. Trucks make wide right turns, and the driver may not see you.

Stay safe out there, drivers!


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