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UPS driver comes to the rescue of elderly woman trying to cross the street


A UPS delivery driver became an accidental hero in California recently after saving an elderly woman who fell while crossing the street. 

The incident happened in Santa Rosa, California, where UPS driver Devon Brooks was just making a delivery when he noticed a bloody woman crawling in the middle of the street. 

Magda Vahey had been on her way to a medical appointment when she fell while crossing the street to Providence Santa Rosa Hospital – and that’s when Brooks jumped into action. Brooks stopped his truck, rushed to Vahey’s side, picked her up, and carried her all the way to the nearby hospital, where he waited with her until she was admitted. 

Once admitted, Vahey realized that Brooks had even collected the items that had fallen out of her purse and made sure that she had all of her things. 

“When they put my purse on the gurney, I realized Devon had tucked my sweater inside,” Vahey wrote. “His actions were extremely thoughtful and special.”

After that, Brooks just continued on his route and didn’t tell anyone – that is until Vahey and her grandson, who also happens to work for UPS, contacted the company to let them know what a great deed Brooks had done. 

“Absolutely he’s a hero. He saved me from what could have been a horrible calamity. “He’s a good example of kindness,” she said. 

“I don’t feel like a hero, I just feel like I did what anyone should do,” Brooks has said in response to the praise. 

“I’m not a big fan of attention.”

Although Vahey did break her wrist in the incident, she is expected to make a full recovery. Way to go, driver!


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