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VIDEO: Can someone explain this truck stop find?


We can’t quite figure out what is going on in this quick clip, and neither can the driver filming. 

In the clip, the lady trucker steps into the truck stop bathroom, only to find a very confusing scene. Thankfully, it’s not as disgusting as you’d think. 

Tik Toking trucker @geargrindinghyena can’t stop laughing as she opens the stall door to reveal the scene inside. 

“Can someone tell me wtf is going on,” she giggles over a mountain of toilet paper.

“Was somebody trying to make a bed?!? Who has the time to do this?!? And they wonder why us truck drivers would rather go in a bottle.”

It’s definitely not the worst thing one could find in a truck stop bathroom, but it could be the funniest. Check out the scene for yourself, below. 


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