A trucker recently shared footage of a fellow driver blocking traffic to chain off along a tiny exit ramp. 

“Chaining brings out the worst morons, I swear,” wrote the video poster. 

“Drivers just parked wherever they d**n well please to chain up/off.”

In the clip, the trucker can be seen coming up on the driver blocking traffic, laying on a well-timed train-horn to give them a piece of his mind. 

“Chain off on top of Cabbage Pass Oregon WB,” he described. 

“Big nice empty chicken coop to pull into but these jack wagons want to park on the off ramp and block everything.”

Have you ever encountered some less-than-considerate drivers like this?

Check out the clip, below. 

Chaining brings out the worst morons, I swear. Prove me wrong. 7 days of this shit. Drivers just parked wherever they damn please to chain up/off. from r/Truckers

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