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VIDEO: Driver swears “never again” after this near-miss with a train


A truck driver swears to himself he’ll never take a risk this big again after a near miss with a train in this close-call video. Or was it?

In the clip, a truck driver apparently pulls up behind a work truck at a red light, leaving his trailer sitting on the train tracks. As he is chilling at the light, the railroad crossing arms seemingly begin to ring as a train horn blares in the distance. 

Just as the driver begins to sound panicked, the red light turns green and the work truck begins to move, which seems to allow the trucker to move just in time. “Never again!” he exclaims to himself. But wait…

If you pay close attention to the video, the sound of the crossing arms and train horn don’t seem quite right, and the driver’s caption, “Good thing I pay attention,” seems a bit silly. Additionally, oncoming traffic drives towards the tracks once the light turns green, almost as if there isn’t a train at all… 

Other viewers took to the comments in agreement. 

“The train crossing signal stopped abruptly,” one viewer pointed out. 

“No way the bell would have lasted that short when the train came,” added another. 

So, what do you think? Was this a satirical jab at those who drive poorly, or a close call that taught the driver a lesson? Watch the clip for yourself, below. 


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