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Video footage of ice flying off highway-speed semi trucks prompts officials to reiterate ice removal protocol


Officials in Cincinnati are looking to remind citizens that completely clearing the snow and ice off of your vehicle before you drive is an essential step in winter travel. 

WLWT 5 News, recently obtained footage depicting ice and snow flying off of semi trucks and officials are even reporting an influx in calls reporting vehicles damaged from ice and snow falling off moving vehicles. 

In light of this uptick, Cincinnati officials are stepping up their game to remind citizens that failing to remove snow and ice from vehicle windshields or mirrors prior to driving is illegal, and are encouraging drivers to remove all icy debris entirely for the sake of their fellow drivers. However, there is no law in Ohio requiring snow to be removed from the roof, hood or trunk.

“You think I warmed it up. I’m good. I defrosted everything. No. You need to clear all the ice off your car,” Cincinnati resident Dariyel Maull said.

“Just this morning, I was driving on the highway and a few cars in front of me, just some ice flew off,” driver Chris Rolfsen added.

“It’s definitely dangerous, you know, you’re moving at 65 miles an hour. A piece of ice could go through your windshield or something like that.”

While there is no law specifically barring driving with snow or ice on the roof, hood, or trunk of your vehicle in Ohio, if officers decide that you are driving a vehicle that somehow endangers others, you could be charged with a misdemeanor.


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