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VIDEO: Got any tips for this flatbedder’s slippery load?


A truck driver is seeking advice for strapping down his unique load in this silly video. 

“A question for all of my flatbedder friends,” the driver asks as the clip opens with the caption “slippery load. Send help.”

“How do you guys tie these down? I tried to go over all the strong points, like kinda front and back there, but should I put like a belly strap on this guy?” he asks, gesturing at what looks like a very furry, very squirmy load to us. 

“This load’s gonna be all over the place the whole way,” the driver complains as he flattens the cargo back down against the trailer. 

“Just slap it and say ‘that’s not goin’ anywhere,’’ suggested one viewer. 

“Load tried to bite me after trying that. Is that normal?” the trucker responded. 

“If it’s less than 4 feet long it should be good right in the middle,” joked another. 

“Does DOT count the tail in overall length?” the trucker questioned. 

Check out the clip below and see if you have any tips for this poor guy. 


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