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VIDEO: “Lucky” motorist narrowly avoids getting pancaked


A motorist’s poor lane change decision could have ended way worse in this dash cam clip. 

The near-accident happened in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on Steeles Avenue. 

In the clip, a semi truck is traveling next to a left only lane as it passes through an intersection when a car in the left turn lane suddenly changes their mind and pulls in front of the oncoming big rig. 

Thankfully, the truck driver was able to stop short of the motorist, who stopped mid lane change as soon as they realized what they had done. 

“Driver is lucky I wasn’t going the speed limit (70km/h, was going about 40-50). Had a loaded 53′ trailer.”

This means the loaded tractor trailer was moving at approximately 28 mph when the car cut them off, lucky for the motorist. 

“Good save!” praised one viewer. 

Check out the clip, below.


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