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VIDEO: Motorist fails to see a bright red Freightliner with the right-of-way


A motorist apparently failed to see a bright red semi truck going full speed on a major roadway in this shocking clip. 

In the dash cam video, the driver can be seen heading down the roadway when a motorist suddenly makes the alarming decision to cut across the road, directly in front of the moving big rig. 

The trucker is unable to stop and smashes right into the small SUV, totally crunching the side of the car. 

Against all odds, both the trucker and the motorist were not seriously hurt. 

“This was my saturday. Guy didn’t see my bright red Freightliner,” described the video poster.

“All are ok,” the trucker continued. “Driver is 64, and is in good condition, according to the state troopers. I luckily suffered no injuries.”

He also provided pictures of the damage done to his rig and the small SUV. 

“Wow, your truck looks like a big red fire engine. How could this guy not see THAT? Glad everyone survived,” commented one viewer. 

“Wow, I’m glad everyone is ok. That impact was intense, how ya holding up mentally?” inquired another. 

Check out the video that has us questioning this motorist’s situational awareness, below. 


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