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VIDEO: Motorist tries to drive into delivery truck


Security cameras caught the moment that a motorist drives part of the way up the ramp of an unloading food delivery truck.

The video was shared by Reddit user u/Noahc1611, who said that a “woman outside my job didn’t see our US Foods truck unloading food.”

In the clip, a motorist slows, then drives partially up the truck’s ramp before coming to a halt.

The Redditor provided additional information about the incident:

So I went to help her and render aid I also called 911. it definitely seemed like she was on something we weren’t sure what, just wanted to make sure she was ok. An ambulance, two cops, a ladder truck and a regular sized fire truck came out. They stabilized her car and took her out and per her into an ambulance, a cop followed that ambulance. Our delivery driver was stuck for an additional 45 minutes before they could tow the car off his ramp. No damage to the food truck and the other car had very minor scratches. The lady claims her brakes failed and she couldn’t slow down any further, I have no idea how true that is, seemed like she just wasn’t paying that much attention.


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