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VIDEO: Revisiting footage of the fieriest, highest-jumping semi truck we’ve ever seen


A video from several years back depicting a semi truck going wildly airborne has resurfaced on reddit recently, and it’s just as shocking the second time around. 

The clip, while incorrectly time stamped, happened In early August of 2013 near Greensburg, Indiana. 

According to the Stillwater News Press, trucker Ryan T. Young and his then 7-year-old son were driving along Interstate 74 when an oncoming car began drifting into their lane. Young then swerved to avoid the vehicle but lost control and veered off the interstate, crashing through a guardrail and inadvertently jumping a highway interchange before striking another guardrail, causing the rig to burst into flames. 

Miraculously, Young suffered only minor wounds to his face and head, and his son sustained only very minor scratches and bruises. 

We’re so glad everything turned out okay in the end. 

Check out the clip of the one-of-a-kind trucking accident below. It’s really something to see. 


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