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VIDEO: Seriously distracted trucker caught steering with elbows, two phones in hand


A truck driver was filmed driving with his elbows as he held a phone to each ear in this bizarre footage captured in the UK recently. 

In the clip, a law enforcement officer pulls up along the right side of the rig and films the driver, who can be seen with two phones in his hands, one on each ear, and his elbows on the steering wheel in order to keep the rig steady. 

When the driver notices the officer, he quickly removes the phones from his ears and places his hands back on the steering wheel, but it’s too late. The filming officer then reports the situation to the police station and a second officer is sent in to intercept the truck driver and deal with the situation. 

According to Auripolar, the trucker was arrested. Chief Inspector Jason Shears, Roads Policing Lead for Avon and Somerset Police, had this to say about the incident:

“Driving whilst distracted is every bit as unacceptable as drink driving and just as likely to be fatal. Research has shown that drivers using a phone – handheld or hands free – are four times more likely to be involved in a collision and their driving is also impaired to a degree similar to that of a drunk driver. Safety on the roads of Avon and Somerset is our road policing unit’s absolute priority and we will not hesitate to use every option open to us, including the deployment of a range of unmarked vehicles, to tackle dangerous and anti-social driving habits.”

“We all know the risks when looking away from the road to change music or to check text messages, and the solution is simple; do not take the risk and instead keep focused.”

Check out the footage of the seriously distracted trucker, below.


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