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VIDEO: The most harrowing arm-pump story you’ll hear today.


A truck driver recounts the most harrowing arm-pump air-horn story we’ve ever heard in this quick video. 

“So I just got unloaded, and I need to tell you what happened to me on the way up here. I almost died, but it was the greatest experience of my life,” Tik Toking trucker, @buckshot1991 begins. 

The story starts out as a typical tale, little boy pumps his arm through the car window and dad joins in, but then the story takes an unexpected, hilarious, and somewhat dangerous turn – Mom is asleep in the passenger seat with the window open. 

We’ll let the trucker tell the story, but let’s just say it ends in antics that nearly send the trucker and the father bumping into each other on the highway. 

Check out the story for yourself, below. 


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