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VIDEO: The sound no driver ever wants to hear


A trucker shared his unfortunate experience unloading earlier this week, and the video is painful to listen to. 

“Wednesday was a little rough,” began the poster. 

In the clip, the truck can be seen backing up very slowly and deliberately when a sudden loud crash can be heard, shaking the cab of the truck. 

“So to start out I was not at fault. There was a miscommunication between the guy on the floor spotting me back in and the loader operator that backed into me,” the driver explained. 

“Was backing through our sorting room to where we dump shingles separately from everything else due to weight and the sorters don’t like it when there was a miscommunication that I was coming back and the loader turning around backed into me. Got to have a nice conversation with safety and everything. I ended with no damage as it hit the dumpster and the tail on the truck, the loader it pulled to rear engine door and counterweight off and punched through the rear cover, fan and housing, and radiator.”

“Never rely on the spotter. I learned my lesson quite a time ago,” commented one viewer. 

Check out the painful clip, below.


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