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VIDEO: This ‘CB McHaul’ toy commercial is brimming with trucking nostalgia


A commercial for a 1977 series of trucking toys might just whisk you back to your childhood and the trucker culture that inspired you to get behind the wheel.

The “CB McHaul” toy line was introduced by the company Mego in 1977 as a nod to “Convoy” musician C.W McCall.

The CB McHaul rig featured in the commercial allowed kids to speak into a CB radio connected to the cab of the toy truck.

We have to say, though, that the bad guy “Bear Masher” truck steals the show with a push-button battering ram feature and a “hidden” compartment. According to the Mego website, the Bear Masher toy truck was styled after the bad big rig in the movie “Duel.”

The toy line also included trucking action figures such as Kidd Watts (The Teen Trucker), Bad Leroy (The One-Eyed Whopper), Jim Oakes (The Texas Truck Puncher) and Scowling Jack Jones (The King of the Smokeys).

Check out the commercial below.

You can find out more about the CB McHaul toy line at the online “Megomuseum” — click here.


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