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VIDEO: Truck driver breaks down trucking through a school zone


A truck driver give the inside scoop on what’s really going on inside a trucker’s head while passing through a school zone. Spoiler alert: it involves skilled driving. 

In the clip, Tik Toking trucker, @bona_fied125, launches into a brief monologue describing the reactions he gets from mothers as he carefully makes his way through a school zone. 

“People look at us like we have a disease as we roll down the street. You can actually read their lips like ‘oh my god, what is he doing?’ and the slow down hand motion,” he says. 

“What you think is I don’t see your kids running around the street. I don’t see them. I’m not paying attention, I’m just a big bad truck driver.”

I see your kids, don’t worry about it,”  he continues, going on to describe a mother paying more attention to her friend than her kid playing near the street. 

“We see them. You don’t.”

Watch the clip below for the full, sarcastic monologue. 


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