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VIDEO: Truck hauling shingles topples while taking a turn, load shift suspected


A Facebook user captured the moment that a semi truck flipped onto a concrete barrier while taking a turn.

The video was shred on Wednesday, September 8, by Facebook user Allison Sanford Turner, who is a registered nurse, according to her profile information.

She wrote:

I don’t care if it was his fault or not. It’s a sad situation for him and I’m just thankful he was ok and that I was able to assist him. We all make mistakes so there’s no need to be mean. This man needs your prayers, not your opinions. So this just happened right in front of me and I managed to get it on video. I was behind him on 280/31 and noticed his load was shifted so I took a couple of pics just bc it was so obvious. When I realized he was going over the turnpike towards 59/20 I started to video bc I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t going to end well. He was carrying shingles. We were only going maybe 30-35 mph at the time. I’ll put the pics I took of his load shifted way before the turn in the comments. He wasn’t speeding or anything and he was just so sweet and appreciative. Thank God he’s ok.

In the video below, you can see that the truck driver appears to respond to a brake check by a motorist by switching lanes.

The driver later reached out to Allison to thank her for stopping to help after the crash.


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