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VIDEO: Trucker explains the reason why trucks block the road to pass each other


A truck driver took to Tik Tok to explain the reason behind a trend that may be baffling to some – truckers blocking the highway in order to pass one another. 

In the clip, Tik Toking trucker @heavy_haul_n_fool explains his specific reasoning for passing another trucker on a two lane highway in response to a now-viral video asking truckers to please make it make sense. 

“So, I have a heavy haul truck with big ol’ front tires. And those front ries have a maximum speed of 68 mph so… my truck is governed at 68. But a lot of times you’ll be going 68 and there’s a guy governed at 68 in front of you and he’ll be going 68 down to 55 and back to 68 and it drives you crazy.”

“So you got two options,” he continues. “You can either pull off at the next exit ramp and wait a little bit for a different flow of traffic, or you can try to pass him. But for whatever reason, everytime I try to pass another semi, or a guy pulling a camper, they always want to match my speed all of a sudden when I’m trying to pass.”

“A lot of the time I’ll wait for an uphill stretch to try to pass them because I know they can’t keep up.”

“But yeah dude, it’s literally just because [some of us] like to go a constant speed.”

“But really no trucks should be governed,” he concludes. 

Is that answer satisfying enough, four-wheelers? Check out the clip, below. 


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