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VIDEO: Trucker gets his own arm-pump horn-salute from the very best


A trucker receives his own special horn-salute in this quick clip. 

The video begins with a brief voiceover explaining that truckers like pumping their arm and getting a horn-salute almost as much as the kids do. 

“It’s like the little kid inside of us just comes alive.”

The video then transitions to a driver pulling up to some train tracks, and responding to the oncoming train’s whistle with their own honk. The train then toots back a little honk in recognition of the trucker, and the trucker giggles gleefully. 

“Ahahah, that’s what’s up,” the driver chuckles. 

“We like it too. It’s the little things.”

Check out the horn reciprocity, below.


We like it too. It’s the little things. #driver #truckersoftiktok #18tolife #fyp #foryourpleassure #armpump #trainhorn #happy

♬ original sound – Will Stover

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