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VIDEO: Trucker makes a major save to thwart car driver apparently trying to cause a crash


In this dash cam clip, a truck driver has to think fast and swerve faster to avoid what he suspected could be an insurance fraud attempt.

The dash cam video was shared earlier this week by TikTok user harvestthehusky, who writes, “pay attention I’m pretty sure this was an attempt at insurance fraud. luckily everyone else was paying attention to what happened.”

Harvestthehusky reached out to CDLLife to provide more context on the video:

So all in all what happened is as I was nearing the intersection when the gal made a u-turn in front of me very widely. I was going to go for the right but there is a light pole and road signs that I would have took out which would have caused damage to my truck and going through the Deep ditch could have caused damage being as we are having issues with parts shortage. I would be without my semi for possibly a month or longer and I wouldn’t have an income means as I own the company and the truck. Another large Factor was I only weigh thirty thousand pounds empty with an older truck so it just doesn’t stop on the dime very well otherwise I would have tried to come to a stop. When she took the far right lane and the shoulder, I came to try to take the left lane and then she parked sideways across both lanes of traffic. That is when I took evasive maneuvers because I saw the car seat in the back of the vehicle which later on was confirmed a child was in it. There was enough cushion room that as long as oncoming people which there wasn’t very many coming saw me coming, there was plenty of room for them to slow down. The guy in the red truck saw the whole thing happened when she made the U-turn. He offered me a job on the spot. It was extremely nerve-racking and this is actually one of the reasons I’m slowly getting out of OT and moving over to full-time farming as well as running my trucking company as a part-time gig only locally. The saddest part though is this was in my hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska.

Check out the video below.

Was this an attempt at insurance fraud?
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