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VIDEO: Trucker shows why some truckers don’t even like truckers


A truck driver shows some disdain for his fellow truckers in the revealing clip. 

In the video, a truck driver shows the huge amount of trash scattered across a grassy median at a truck stop. One of the trash cans is full, but the others appear to have plenty of room for the bags of trash left on the ground.

“I just can’t think of any reason why people don’t like truckers,” wrote the video poster. 

“Don’t even get me started on truck stop bathrooms,” they continued. 

“As a trucker myself, I’ve watched other guys just toss their trash bag next to the fuel pump trash cans. I walk over there, pick up their bag then look at them as I put it in the trash can. Truckers are some of the dirtiest and laziest people I’ve come to meet. Ashamed of my fellow truckers. Easy career to get in, that’s why anyone can get a CDL and hop in a truck. I can’t stand other truckers,” concluded the video poster. 

Truckers make the world go ‘round, but every group has its bad apples. Have you had similar experiences with fellow drivers? 

Watch the trashy clip, below. 


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