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VIDEO: Trucker was ‘moments away from making a depressing video’ when this happened


A trucker shares a glimmer of hope in this uplifting tale. 

In the clip, the Tik Toking driver admits that “I was literally moments away from making some depressing a** video on Tik Tok, but I held off on it because I saw a gentleman walking up to each truck talking to everybody.”

He then launches into a story about how how this man was warning everyone that another driver had locked his keys in his truck and was blocking the way, so everyone would have to drive around him to leave. In that moment, the filming driver knew what he had to do. 

He explains that “there’s only like four keys for these trucks. I’m gonna give my key a shot.”

Low and behold, the key fits. 

“Moral of the story is, help your fellow driver out. This dude was talking to six people before anyone was willing to even try anything out. There’s not enough of that out here anymore.”

Check out the video, below. 


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