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VIDEO: Van driver dodges after blown tire sends semi careening into oncoming traffic


A dash cam captured the terrifying moment that a sudden tire blowout sent a semi veering though the median into oncoming traffic and then into a wooded area.

The dash cam clip was shared by YouTube user Mark Petzel on May 2. He writes: “Note: Date stamp on video is incorrect, the correct date is April 29, 2021 and the time was mid-afternoon. Heading south on Ilinois I-39 near Lostant, Illinois the trucker’s side front tire blew and he lost control plowing through the median and across the northbound lanes. A red van swerved at the last second on the grass and missed what surely would have been a fatal collision with the truck. Then the red van continued back onto the highway and continued driving like nothing had happened! Hoping that the driver finds this dashcam video and can relate what she or he was thinking as they continued driving. In any case, it was a great piece of driving! The driver of the truck was shaken up, but otherwise ok. He was relieved that he did not hit anyone.”

See the video below.


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