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VIDEO: Watch this trucker show his little son the ropes


A truck driver takes his young son along for the ride in this wholesome video. 

In the clip, Tik Toking trucker @alexnino_ explains the preparations he took to ensure his little boy has a good time out on the road with him, and then launches into a first-hand, hands-on trucking tutorial that only a trucker’s kid could experience. 

“We just pulled up to the first stop. I’ll be showing him how the semi truck gets loaded,” the trucker explains as the two watch and help with loading a load of oranges

Before they even complete the second stop, the little guy has already crashed in the back for a quick nap. But he quickly rallies for a few oranges and the promise of a meal. 

Have you ever brought your kids with you OTR? Did your dad ever take you OTR? Share your own childhood trucking stories with us in the comments.


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