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VIDEO: What it’s like being the only trucker who stopped to check on an overturned rig


A truck driver filmed himself stopping to check on the people inside of an overturned Peterbilt and is shocked to find he’s the only driver to stop.

In the clip, the filming driver has parked his rig on the opposite side of the highway and crossed the road in order to check on the driver of an overturned Peterbilt pulling a flatbed stacked with lumber (now spilled). 

As he crosses, another driver literally drives onto the grass to get around the wreck, almost as if he could care less about the condition of the driver inside. 

“This guy is really just going around. Come on, man,” the filming driver laments. 

Thankfully, the two people inside of the cab were okay, but they sure seemed to appreciate the check-in. 

Watch the full clip, below. 


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