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VIDEO: What’s the story behind your CDL?


A video prompting drivers to share the story behind their CDL has been making the rounds on Tik Tok this week, and turns out, truckers have some interesting reasons for hitting the road. 

“So I wanna know, what’s the story behind your CDL,” asks Tik Tok trucker @fitspossibletrucking in the initial clip, encouraging drivers to ‘stitch’ her video with their response to create a collection of answers. 

We browsed the app and collected some of the funniest, most honest, and downright touching responses to this question, from young bucks to old school truckers. Check them out, below. 


#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking #trucker #trucking #truckertok #fyp #flatbedder #foryou

♬ original sound – Matt Fouts

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking #TruckersOfTicTok #fypシ COMEDY

♬ original sound – R Sum

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking #stickhauler #peterbilt #bradberryandsontrucking

♬ original sound – Jackson

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking

♬ original sound – Amos

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking

♬ original sound – Sarah Cooper

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking

♬ original sound – Outdoor Dave

#stitch with @fitspossibletrucking

♬ original sound – Jim Yealock

So, what’s the story behind YOUR CDL?


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