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WATCH: Driver talks himself through a delicate situation


A truck driver talked himself through a delicate situation at a trucking yard in this day-in-the-life clip. 

In the video by Riding with Dave, Dave makes his way through some confusion with the receiver in which he is made to drive back and forth a few times before he reaches his dock, only to find another driver is blocking the way. 

Dave tries to make it clear to the driver that he is in his way, and has some patience as the other driver takes his time cutting the seal and readying his rig, but after 20 minutes, Dave loses patience and ends up confronting the driver about his lack of hustle. 

“Well, he was pissed off about it,” Dave laments in the part of the video filmed after the confrontation. “He wasn’t too happy that I just asked him if he could do that. He really wasn’t. He was kind of an a**hole to me. He pretty much just had an attitude with me… But he was just sitting there, he wasn’t even doing anything! And I asked him nicely too.”

Luckily, Dave manages to back into his dock like an expert and even impresses himself. Just goes to show you that with all its trials and tribulations, it’s the little victories in trucking that really matter.

Have you ever had an unnecessarily sassy interaction with another driver? Let us know, and check out the clip, below. 


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