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WATCH: Fuel island dispute caught on camera


A trucking vlogger recently captured a fuel island dispute on camera, and it’s just as chaotic as you’d imagine. 

In the clip, a man with a metal pipe in his hand and a woman can be seen arguing with a flatbed driver who apparently parked his rig blocking the fuel line . As the argument ensues, the man with the pipe raises his pipe, making moves as if to bash the rig’s window in. The woman then grabs the pipe-wielding man by the arm, apparently convincing him not to go through with the damage, but the argument is still clearly heated. 

“Oh, he won’t back up,” speculates the video poster. 

“But why would he not. He has space. There is space for him to back up, he’s just parked there,” she continues. 

The couple eventually stalks off, clearly not satisfied with the outcome of the argument but unwilling to get into a true altercation. The couple then maneuvers their rig around the flatbed that is stopped in the way and takes their place in the fuel line. 

“That guy is an a****** though,” the video poster comments. 

As the couple pulls into line, a bobtail pulls up, seemingly with the same criticism of the flatbedder’s parking choice. 

“He shouldn’t be parked there. Look at the fuel!” exclaims the video poster’s co-driver. 

The flatbedder then appears to try to edge his way into the fuel line, but the bobtail driver gets out to confront him, albeit less dramatically than the couple with the pipe. The bobtail driver then retreats back to her rig without much drama, but another, different driver with a pipe approaches the troublemaking rig.

“The guy ended up going to a pump but never fueling,” the video reads. 

Thankfully, the dispute seems to have ended quietly. Have you ever witnessed a fuel island dispute so close to breaking into violence?

Check out the video, below. 


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