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WATCH: Guy calls out fellow ‘hotshot’ drivers


An apparent hotshot driver calls out his fellow hotshotters for their numerous shortcomings in this too-true clip. 

In the video, the guy points out all the things a hot shot driver he encounters on the highway seems to be doing wrong, and calls them out for “being scared.”

“There are a few reasons why I hate hotshots and why I’m leaving,” he begins before pointing out an incredibly questionable strap job. 

“What is that? There’s so much going on here. None of the straps are tight. Flapping away in the wind. That trailer is basically being held together on hope and faith.”

“That trailer is crab walking too. That says a lot.”

“Stop being scared of a semi,” he continues. 

“Grow up, put your big boy pants on, and learn how to drive an actual truck,” he concludes. 

Check out the video, below. 


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