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WATCH: Kid works hard in school just so he can pump his arm at drivers


The little boy in this clip loves semi trucks so much he’ll even work hard in school just for a chance at getting truckers to honk for him. 

In the video, a young boy can be seen running back and forth along a pedestrian overpass, pumping his arm up and down at the tractor trailers passing below in hopes the drivers will notice and oblige. 

“He makes sure he does his best in school so we can go hang out on the overpass and try to get the trucks to honk!” reads the video caption. 

Some truck drivers even took to the comments to offer suggestions on how to get even more drivers to play along with the game. 

“If you ever have some trouble getting the attention of the trucks, bring a bright coloured towel or fabric with you. We see people on overpasses all the time and hardly pay them mind, but if you can be a bit more obvious the drivers are far more likely to give you that horn,” suggested one. 

“I’m pretty sure that when I blow the air horn to make the kid smile, I smile longer than the kid. I’m also pretty sure, on the rare occurrence that I get to blow the horn for the kid, my wife gets tired of me telling her how happy I was to make that kids day,” admitted another. 

Check out the heartwarming video, below. And don’t forget to make a kid’s day whenever you can.


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