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WATCH: Loose racehorse gallops down Kentucky freeway


A 2-year-old race horse got loose in Kentucky recently, causing quite a stir on a nearby highway. 

The filly, named Bold and Bossy, got loose while on her way to the starting gate at Ellis Park after ‘unseating’ her jockey. She then fled the track, crossed a levee, and made her way onto Highway 41 near Henderson. 

Bold and Bossy then headed onto Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway, where a team of trainers pursued her in their cars. A motorist was even able to capture video of the horse barreling towards them on the highway.

The filly was eventually caught and, although she lost two shoes, sustained some scrapes, and was dehydrated from her adventure, she was largely unscathed. 

“We were very pleased to make sure that that horse was collected safely by our local horsemen. It led us on a merry chase, I will say, but that ended fine,” said Ellis Park General Manager Jeff Inman at a press conference.

Unbelievably, the barn where she was staying caught fire the next day, and the filly sustained some minor burns. She was taken to a veterinarian but is expected to recover. 

Check out the video of her highway escapade, below.


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