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WATCH: Motorist brazenly trolls trucker who honked at him by dancing through green light


A motorist takes time out of his and everyone else’s day to troll a trucker who honked at him in this audacious clip. 

In the video, a Jeep can be seen sitting at a stop light when the truck driver behind him honks to notify the motorist that the light is green. Instead of recognizing the light change and moving through the intersection as one would expect, the motorist hops out of his car and suddenly busts a move, seemingly to spite the driver. 

The motorist then proceeds to dance toward the truck cab for a full minute, ending the routine with a somewhat graphic dance move directed at the truck driver’s window. 

The man who filmed the whole ordeal was able to get in contact with the dancing motorist, who says the trucker took it well, and the whole block enjoyed the performance. 

“I wasn’t slow at all bro. He honked soon as the light turned green literally Lmfaoo [sic] so I waited and then went in and got sturdy,” the Jeep owner wrote according to Blavity News.

“[The trucker] was sticking two thumbs up trying not to look at me but the whole block was laughing.” 

Check out the clip for yourself, below. 


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