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WATCH: Motorist’s poor turning choice earns them a punch to the face


A truck driver provides a clueless motorist with a quick jab to the face in this road rage video. 

The video was filmed in Brisbane, Australia, and shows a motorist squeaking by a turning semi truck in the inside lane, narrowly avoiding a collision with the moving rig. 

The motorist then speeds away but the trucker eventually catches up to the car at a red light. The trucker then traps the motorist at the light, hops out of his rig, and walks over to the driver’s side window. The trucker then reaches in, delivers some choice words, and seems to punch the motorist in the face. 

While the motorist was technically in the wrong, driving-wise, we’re still not sure they deserved to be punched in the face. 

‘Motorists need to be aware of the turning circle of trucks and the driver of the sedan has placed himself and other road users at risk by being impatient and overtaking the truck whilst it was turning,’ said Wynnum Police senior sergeant Wayne Richter. 

‘The actions of the truck driver afterwards are certainly not excusable or tolerated and road rage is criminal behavior.’


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