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WATCH: Oblivious dump truck driver nearly drags utility pole into oncoming car


An apparently oblivious dump truck driver nearly pulled a downed utility pole right through an oncoming car in this odd video. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday, March 24th in Maple Ridge in Vancouver, Canada, reported Surrey Now-Leader.

In the cell phone video capturing the incident, a dump truck can be seen heading towards the car along a narrow road, dragging a utility pole straight into the path of the female motorist and her passenger friend, wires and all. 

The dump truck continues towards the car, driver seemingly unaware of the danger he is putting the motorists in. 

“Oh my God! Dude stop! STOP!” the female driver yells out an open car window. “What do I do??” 

The two finally get the driver’s attention by screaming out of their windows, honking, and waving as a dog whines in the background. The truck eventually comes to a stop just before any damage could be done to the car. 

“Oh my God are you stupid? You didn’t notice you’re driving this?” asks one of the girls in the car, and that’s when the driver pops his head out of the window, seemingly surprised to see the utility pole attached to his rig. 

“We almost died!” exclaimed one of the girls as the driver hops out of the truck and attempts to remove the pole. 

“Did he not notice? He looked so surprised,” added the other girl. 

The dump truck driver then raises the bed in an attempt to shake the pole off, but is unsuccessful. 

Eventually, a neighbor calls the police to deal with the situation, but hundreds of people were without electricity for as many as 12 hours as crews worked to repair the damage done by the truck. 

Check out the clip of the simultaneously silly and  serious incident, below.


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