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WATCH: ODOT worker completely unscathed when icy tree smashes windshield


An Oregon Department of Transportation worker was unhurt after an icy tree fell on top of his pickup truck earlier this week, and his dash cam caught the whole thing on camera. 

The incident happened on Interstate 5 near Wolf Creek in southern Oregon. 

“I didn’t see it start to fall,” Beau Appling said Wednesday. “I had no idea what was happening until my windshield shattered. So, my first thought was, get to the side of the road and sort of assess the damage,” he said. 

He then started to clear away the debris, but other motorists who witnessed the event were already way ahead of him. 

“By the time I jumped out, they had the vast majority of the southbound side cleaned up on their own,” Appling said. “They did great work; they were dragging branches to the inside shoulder. I threw some traffic cones over there. They coned off the fast lane themselves. As I was working on the northbound side, they moved on, and kept traffic flowing, it was a great help.”

Appling says that several loggers also got caught up in the traffic caused by the fallen tree, and that they were able to help him move the tree out of the road using chainsaws they had on hand. 

Check out the dash cam video of the falling tree below.


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