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WATCH: One trucker’s haul condensed into several minutes of sweet footage


A trucker recently shared some time lapsed footage of their journey through Colorado and the views do not disappoint. 

In the clip, the morning starts out foggy as the trucker drives through some grassy plains but eventually lifts, revealing stunning mountain views and a bluebird sky. The trucker’s journey takes them through increasingly more mountainous terrain and even an underground tunnel before descending back down into scrubby, flatter ground. The clip even showcases a brief pause at a truck stop. 

The video also features some music with strategically placed drops, which add a nice touch to the footage. 

“Recorded an entire day’s drive from Brush, CO to Salina, UT,” wrote the video poster. 

“You post them anywhere?” asked one viewer. ”It’s been like 10 years since I OTR’d and 5 since my last lower 48 road trip and this really scratched an itch and I’d like more.”

If you’ve ever thought about getting into trucking, or you just miss the OTR life, this video is for you.


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